Bergama, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is one of the oldest settlements in Türkiye with settlements from prehistoric times to the Ionian, Roman and Byzantine civilizations. Asclepion, the important health center of the ancient world, the Acropolis on top of a 300-meter cliff and the Temple of Serapis make the region rich in terms of historical tourism.

The population of Çeşme, which is a small holiday district in İzmir that has reached a worldwide reputation, increases tens of times during the summer season. Located on a peninsula, this point where the north and south winds collide makes it very attractive for windsurfing enthusiasts. Especially with the International Windsurfing Competition held in September, it attracts many people to this pleasant town. Located 70 km away from the city center, Foça also hosts thousands of people with sea-sand-sun tourism in summer. In addition to Menderes, where Gümüldür Beach is located, Dikili, Seferihisar and Karaburun offer alternatives in terms of nature and sea tourism with their unique beauties.