With museums such as the İzmir Archeology Museum, Etnography Museum, İzmir History and Art Museum, İzmir History and Art Museum, as well as more specialized museums such as Mask Museum, Game and Toy Museum, Railway Museum and İnciraltı Naval Museum, the city appeals to everyone and all tastes. Apart from museums, with the conversion of dozens of restored old mansions and manors into modern cultural centers, countless exhibitions, concerts and movie screenings are made for the enthusiasts 365 days a year.

İzmir is a pioneering city that articulates contemporary Türkiye to the world's universal values. Many firsts in the history of Türkiye took place in İzmir. Turkish women appeared on the theater stage for the first time in İzmir. Football was played for the first time in Türkiye in İzmir. On February 17, 1923, the first Economic Congress of the Republic was held in İzmir. First International Fair of the Republic was organized in İzmir. The city has also hosted the world's major sports organizations such as the Mediterranean Olympics and the Universiade with great hospitality.

İzmir continues to transfer these values, which it carries with its 8500 years of rich historical and cultural background to the third millennium.